lunedì 8 ottobre 2012

Gothic Dreaming italian photos

Visionnaire's Gothic Dreaming is the collection of the most glamorous nostalgic Italian photos.
The philosophy that conceals behind it, is interrelated with the Decadent movement, the memory of the past and the retrieval of the beauty on forgotten subjects.
Designed by La Conca, each of them is sized 15 x18 x 1,5 cm.
More than twenty photographic topics. We selected a refined collection of images such as piano keys, owls, roses, vintage cross keys, diamonds, skulls, artistic calligraphy writings...
All of them inspires the antique and the gothic sensuality; draws you up to the nature and takes the mind back to the elegant style of “La Belle Epoque”.
italian photoitalian photo blackThose fancy items have been made in an accurate way with diverse methods: the hand retouching of the photos or the majolica relief.
The design enables two differents displaying manners: you can hung it to the wall or exhibit it on Visionnaire's plexiglass ceramic support, sized 10 x 12 h14 cm. It has been enriched with our well-known logo on it.
Dream and reality comes together, keep dreaming while being awake.
Pursue Visionnaire's charm and give a touch of exclusive gothic design to your favorite rooms.

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