mercoledì 17 ottobre 2012

Varden an item for interior design gallery

italian design galleryIf your body is the temple of your soul, your house is the temple of your body, therefore you should treat it with creativity to inspire your daily life: make of your house an interior design gallery and keep it always alive.
Varden is an interesting and glam item. The skull has been adopted lately as a fashion symbol but there are much more significant meanings behind his development and the creation of artistic replicas of it. Throughout history skulls have been depicted by different societies and cultures, with many different meanings and symbolisms, which have been changing during the pass of the time, either positive or negative, it all depends on the meaning you want to give to the icon.
They have important connotations in many religions. The concept of ‘memento mori’, that reminds us all, that this material life is transitory. In many cultures of Latin America and Asia is a symbol of renovation and of a brand new start. It is also been adopted as a symbol of luck.
Designed by Alessandro La Spada and Samuele Mazza, it is sized 12 x 20 h 19 cm. 
The material that have been used for crafting this amazing item of design, has been selected between the best components all over the world. The Murano glass is an estimated elite good, for its Italian origin, for the traditional hard hand-crafting process that stands behind it, and for its peerless beauty.


lunedì 8 ottobre 2012

Gothic Dreaming italian photos

Visionnaire's Gothic Dreaming is the collection of the most glamorous nostalgic Italian photos.
The philosophy that conceals behind it, is interrelated with the Decadent movement, the memory of the past and the retrieval of the beauty on forgotten subjects.
Designed by La Conca, each of them is sized 15 x18 x 1,5 cm.
More than twenty photographic topics. We selected a refined collection of images such as piano keys, owls, roses, vintage cross keys, diamonds, skulls, artistic calligraphy writings...
All of them inspires the antique and the gothic sensuality; draws you up to the nature and takes the mind back to the elegant style of “La Belle Epoque”.
italian photoitalian photo blackThose fancy items have been made in an accurate way with diverse methods: the hand retouching of the photos or the majolica relief.
The design enables two differents displaying manners: you can hung it to the wall or exhibit it on Visionnaire's plexiglass ceramic support, sized 10 x 12 h14 cm. It has been enriched with our well-known logo on it.
Dream and reality comes together, keep dreaming while being awake.
Pursue Visionnaire's charm and give a touch of exclusive gothic design to your favorite rooms.

venerdì 28 settembre 2012

Lady Rowena tight Visionnaire's luxury clothing


Lady Rowena is Visionnaire's brand for luxury clothing.
The tight is a dress of the XIX century, a garb of outstanding smartness and a cloth of high-grade for the greatest day ceremonies.
That's why we choosed this design and decided to reshape, the old and classic model, into Lady Rowena's tight.
Have a marvelous “morning dress”, be fashionable also during the day, with this exclusive item 100% handmade, by Visionnaire's Italian artisans.
Designed by La Conca. It has been done with a mix of two different textile materials: velvet and wool tricot, its also composed by three adorable round medium buttons.
Moreover, on it's collar, the up sleeve cuffs, the lower back and the pockets, has swarosky's crystals embellishments set in a graceful manner, making up an elegant and captivating pattern.
The altogether gives a palatial and vintage look, one of those looks that never goes out of style.
Available in one size: medium, and in two colors: traditional black or refined ivory.
Improve your apparel and choose the excellence for your wardrobe. Done with the finest materials and conceived with a unique design for our most discerning customers.

mercoledì 26 settembre 2012

Nibelung luxury decor vase

Such a classy and essential item, Nibelung faces, the decor addicted that is inside of us, to a new appearance of the luxury decor for our places. We are aware of the importance of details in the ornamental process, to that end, we hand-thrown, taking care of every detail in Nibelung's vases, preserving the clean lines of this decoring element, whilst conferring to it an unquestionable sophisticated home philosophy.

In German ''Nibelung'' is a word used to designate royal families and kings, therefore the Visionnaire's Nibelung set, has been developed with greatness in mind, using colors that reflect harmony and authority.

Designed by Alessandro La Spada and Samuele Mazza, combining the original use of precious materials, the latest fashion and the neo-gothic and oriental style, which outlines Visionnaire's traits.
Nibelung's are hand made with a fine ceramic.

Regarding the design, it's inside is white and the outside body, is enriched by the application, made with a warm paintbrush, of a diamond texture decoration.
The collection is available in amazing colors such as the sequin gold, the pure white, the elegant black or the lunar silver.
The basic circular model is sized 38 height x 35 cm, not available in the black color. 
Whereas, the model with the neck, is sized 38 height x 44 cm, for design the silver color is not applicable. 
Decorate your home according to our axiom of luxury.

Buckingham luxury accessories

luxury-accessoriesVisionnaire's presents the most exclusive and luxury accessories collection, that will enchant each and all, during daily outlays or just occasional shopping.
Constantly keeping its famous Buckingham's vein, each component is made to fully benefit in any circumstance or to be the perfect match with any outfit.
Designed by La Conca, assorted items has being created to suit everyone's demand.
The entire collection is outlined in a vintage and genuine soft leather based on an ivory color.
As a Visionnaire's habit everything is 100% hand made by an Italian wise artisan.The exclusive Visionnaire's brand is combined with Buckingham's distinguished style, conceieving the personal design as a unequal philosophy, as a result we worked on those exclusive items: A credit and business card case, sized 10x8 cm, with the Visionnaire's logo on it. 
Two different models of wallet, the small one its sized 10x8cm and the big one 10x20cm; and a chic document holder, sized 13x24 cm.
They are characterized by comfortable inside pockets, leather pouch for holding business and credit cards, to give a touch of class on its inside a golden chain mail decoration gives a glamorous plus to those elegant accessories, as our icing on the cake you'll find the Visionnaire's logo on the front wrought on golden metal.
Enjoy our set of Buckingham rare accessories and if it delighted you take a look to our Buckingham's bags exclusive collection. A must have for the daily life.

Flint centre-piece luxury gift

luxury-giftFlint centre-piece plate is the perfect luxury gift  for a friend or a colleague you care for, it is a demostration of deference and concern towards those that surround you, or a perfect gift for yourself to change the vibes of the space in which you live, and to give it, that new and exclusive distinguishing mark.
The centre-piece is a very important item in a table and, sometimes, even in the whole room design, 
it pulls the attention on it as you get inside a place if smartly placed and choosed, thats the reason for which we designed a simple object with an immediat stunning effect.
Designed by La Conca, this astonishing item will surround, yours or your comrad's home, with its warm bronze color.
Sized 53h 8cm, it is made of ceramic, two bamboo handles and, a touch of personal design is added with the Visionnaire's logo on its midpoint. Flint's outside, is totally white glazed. It's handles and it's inside has a bronzed pigment.
Perfect for any event or celebration, or just as a furniture accessorie design, Flint is the appropriate adornment piece for any place.
If you like to put to the house an intimate detail that reminds a neo-gothic and vintage mix of style, Flint is right for you.

Sigmund luxury bag beauty case

luxury-bagSigmund is the achievement of Visionnaire's idea of a luxury bag, specifically of  a captivating beauty case.
The beauty case has an old history behind, that comes from the Egyptians to nowadays, cosmetics has always been an interesting part of every society in a world wide contest.
The search of beauty is a limitless search as old as the concept of Universe, every single human being, has continually tried to be more attractive, and the keeper of the items that enhance our beauty, must be as charming as our appearance.
Therefore, has always been an essential item in every days life, either to woman or to men.
Designed by Alessandro La Spada and Samuele Mazza, has a unique style to carefully keep your most loved personal care tools.
Sigmund's structure is made of plywood. Its outside is covered with prestigious Ascot leather, and its inside is black covered with an all over, of the typical Visionnaire's oval shape.
Obviously the classic must have of any beauty case, that you not do without: a charming small mirror.
If you like to keep your items safe, and you care also about the stylishness of the bag that contains your secrets of fascination, Sigmund is the beauty case that suits your personality.