venerdì 28 settembre 2012

Lady Rowena tight Visionnaire's luxury clothing


Lady Rowena is Visionnaire's brand for luxury clothing.
The tight is a dress of the XIX century, a garb of outstanding smartness and a cloth of high-grade for the greatest day ceremonies.
That's why we choosed this design and decided to reshape, the old and classic model, into Lady Rowena's tight.
Have a marvelous “morning dress”, be fashionable also during the day, with this exclusive item 100% handmade, by Visionnaire's Italian artisans.
Designed by La Conca. It has been done with a mix of two different textile materials: velvet and wool tricot, its also composed by three adorable round medium buttons.
Moreover, on it's collar, the up sleeve cuffs, the lower back and the pockets, has swarosky's crystals embellishments set in a graceful manner, making up an elegant and captivating pattern.
The altogether gives a palatial and vintage look, one of those looks that never goes out of style.
Available in one size: medium, and in two colors: traditional black or refined ivory.
Improve your apparel and choose the excellence for your wardrobe. Done with the finest materials and conceived with a unique design for our most discerning customers.

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