martedì 31 luglio 2012

Luxury accessories: Alyon bracelet

luxury jewel model

When it comes to luxury accessoriesVisionnaire has always maintained a high level of luxury design that is both intriguing and elegant.
The Alyon bracelet, designed by La Conca, is no exception.
Precisely sized for any-wear elegance at 7x5, 7h, 4,6 cm with gold plated links to create the perfect fit every time.
The 12 oval accent pieces represent a complete and creative cycle that surrounds this bracelets perfectly geometrical shape.

The oval, itself, has always been used in art as a symbol for unity, luck, and as Michelangelo once said “the center of all things”.
Let the Alyon captivate your true balance invoking and awakening your inner self. It is not just about wearing a classic item, it is taking care of yourself from the inside, out.

This bracelet will surround you with an aura of harmony.
The gold color is perfect for any combination, making you shine.
With the Visionnaire seal you can be sure that every piece of luxury jewelry from Ipe Cavalli’s collection is one hundred percent handcrafted by a traditional artisan created carefully to satisfy our demanding creativity . An innovative, Italian design with you in mind.

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