martedì 31 luglio 2012

Visionnaire V-Guitar

visionnaire guitarEvery music lover has a vision of the perfect instrument, Visionnaire shares that dream  and has introduced the new and exclusive luxury instrument “V” guitar.
For those who like to play in style, this is the guitar for you.  One touch of these steel, silk, strings and you will be singing a new tune. Designed by metal and luxury item specialist, Alessandro La Spada, the“V” guitar is one of a select series of Visionnaire’s rare, collector's edition, musical instruments.
Different from any other collection seen on the luxury item market, this piece is exclusively with Ipe. Top of the line quality, with long lasting wood, strings, and chrome inserts will make you feel the strength of a unique and comfortable design.
The sleek frame shaped in a glam rock 80’s, gothic, decor will inspire any musician to rock out luxury style.  Perfect for a luxury gift or private pleasure this instrument won’t be left unnoticed. Measured as 120x50 h5 cm, you will fall in love with its accurate and usable design.
The pattern of the body is elegant yet devilish, made by an intricate framework "V" design , an ornamental sword that crosses the cutaway of the guitar on the right side and a star on the left side.
There is a main pickup made of chrome steel with an engaging prominence with a skull drawn on it with a sword that crosses it and the initials A.S. on the front of the skull.
The unnoticed strap button is placed on the left side as to maintain the smooth lines of this piece of musical art.
The music concept that this guitar expresses has no price and even if you are not a rock star the "V" guitar will definitely make you feel as if you are center stage.

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