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IPE - Company Profile

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Our commitment to bring unique and high-living standards began back in 1958, when Cavalli brothers, Vittorio, and Pompeo, had the revolutionary idea of using polyurethane, a new,soft and durable material, for furniture design. 
Since its first appearance, the group, has been marked by the concept of innovation, constantly renewing the production and the idea of interior design, Ipe finds its own space in the market and soon become a byword of fashion, taking part in the first “Salone Internazionale del mobile” fair of Milan in 1961.

In 2004 Ipe selected a qualified staff of experienced designers and architects to give a new sensation of luxury in your home, a new sensation called Visionnaire. The Visionnaire collection, has over 2000 pieces, developed from the constructs of Samuele Mazza and the design of Alessandro La Spada, making a turnaround in the overall view of the "Made in Italy", mixing styles, materials and engaging contrasts.
Visionnaire is going through a significant economic growth, distributing to over 90 countries, with 20 mono-brand shops all over the most important cities of the world. Our markets are focused in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, China and the Middle East. By the end of 2012 we want to develop our market in the Sub-Saharan Africa and in South America.

The aim of Visionnaire is not just to be a brand of furniture design, is a different way of living the environment, from the furniture of a house, to the personal accessories, till the refitting of jet planes. The style you own says something about you and now its saying Visionnaire.

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