martedì 31 luglio 2012

Luxury decor applique

luxury decorThis luxury decor applique with its slim, elegant look would fit perfectly in a prestigious villa or a chic loft.This wall applique demands a second look, and as its Latin name “Amanda” suggests, it is designed “to be loved”.   This precisely designed lighting piece will illuminate your house with a neo-gothic technique which allows light to cascade across any room or hallway. 
Perfectly mixed with ''La Belle Epoque'' design “Amanda’s” light is soft and inspires a sense of comfort and nostalgia. Classic, chic, and fashionable vintage this applique compliments most modern and timeless decor.  Champagne colored Swarowski crystals and backing remind us of the good times, the iconic nature of celebration and the social elite that enjoy it.
With its high quality crystal courtesy of Swarowski,  this piece is sure to illuminate conversations as well.  Not only are the crystals an aesthetic gain but also an environmental gain.
The strategic placement of crystals along with a chrome back plate reflect and magnify light illuminating more surface space then two or even three lamps allowing for less energy consumption.
As for the dimensions, the Amanda is a semi-cylindrical shade sized at 25x13 h 60 cm in aluminum flaked mounting with a chrome steel plate to mount it to the wall, it needs two lights of 40 watts each. The chrome steel material with long-lasting corrosion resistance will make you able to own this object forever as it was always just bough.
With its chrome material, crystal elegance, and champagne color the Amanda is a piece of art in itself making this applique a perfect piece for a home that demands all its fixtures to incorporate quality and flawless design.  With our team of experts, Alessandro La spada, Samuele Mazza and Philippe Montels, every detail of design and purpose is studied to create fine luxury lighting to fit every home. you chose the Amanda you are selecting an applique that is meant to “be loved”.  Allow the Amanda applique to illuminate your home today.

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