mercoledì 1 agosto 2012

Cheron Exclusive Design - Fork & fruit fork

exclusive designCheron is part of a top of the line, exclusive design, collection for the table. To always be visionnaire, even while eating.
Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner dining is a way to socialize and meet new people , while experiencing the pleasures of food and discussing current events and enriching your culture and common circle.
Utensils were introduced to society in the Medieval period with the intention of bringing class to the masses and making the vital process of eating more fashionable.  In the 700's using utensils and specifically the fork was known as common good manners and spread to many parts, modernizing many cultures.  
The Cheron fork and the fruit fork, made with inox steel, has a way of incorporating the past and present in a unique and stylish fashion.  Starting from the dash of  black in the coloration of the medal, to the cascading wave design across the sleek body, the Cheron fork and fruit fork gives a sense of movement through the years and through the precious moments every culture shares around the table. The “araldic” Visionnaire logo reminds all diners of the prestige and vision of experiencing a beautiful meal with perfectly crafted utensils.
The use of utensils speaks to the progress of all people, today Visionnaire has acknowledged this progress and encompassed the divinity of being human in the handcrafted, emaculate, design of the Cheron fork and fruit fork.  Disclose your elegance during every occasion with the complete Cheron and Visionnaire table set.
Utere Felix.


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