mercoledì 26 settembre 2012

Flint centre-piece luxury gift

luxury-giftFlint centre-piece plate is the perfect luxury gift  for a friend or a colleague you care for, it is a demostration of deference and concern towards those that surround you, or a perfect gift for yourself to change the vibes of the space in which you live, and to give it, that new and exclusive distinguishing mark.
The centre-piece is a very important item in a table and, sometimes, even in the whole room design, 
it pulls the attention on it as you get inside a place if smartly placed and choosed, thats the reason for which we designed a simple object with an immediat stunning effect.
Designed by La Conca, this astonishing item will surround, yours or your comrad's home, with its warm bronze color.
Sized 53h 8cm, it is made of ceramic, two bamboo handles and, a touch of personal design is added with the Visionnaire's logo on its midpoint. Flint's outside, is totally white glazed. It's handles and it's inside has a bronzed pigment.
Perfect for any event or celebration, or just as a furniture accessorie design, Flint is the appropriate adornment piece for any place.
If you like to put to the house an intimate detail that reminds a neo-gothic and vintage mix of style, Flint is right for you.

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