mercoledì 26 settembre 2012

Sigmund luxury bag beauty case

luxury-bagSigmund is the achievement of Visionnaire's idea of a luxury bag, specifically of  a captivating beauty case.
The beauty case has an old history behind, that comes from the Egyptians to nowadays, cosmetics has always been an interesting part of every society in a world wide contest.
The search of beauty is a limitless search as old as the concept of Universe, every single human being, has continually tried to be more attractive, and the keeper of the items that enhance our beauty, must be as charming as our appearance.
Therefore, has always been an essential item in every days life, either to woman or to men.
Designed by Alessandro La Spada and Samuele Mazza, has a unique style to carefully keep your most loved personal care tools.
Sigmund's structure is made of plywood. Its outside is covered with prestigious Ascot leather, and its inside is black covered with an all over, of the typical Visionnaire's oval shape.
Obviously the classic must have of any beauty case, that you not do without: a charming small mirror.
If you like to keep your items safe, and you care also about the stylishness of the bag that contains your secrets of fascination, Sigmund is the beauty case that suits your personality.

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