mercoledì 26 settembre 2012

Nibelung luxury decor vase

Such a classy and essential item, Nibelung faces, the decor addicted that is inside of us, to a new appearance of the luxury decor for our places. We are aware of the importance of details in the ornamental process, to that end, we hand-thrown, taking care of every detail in Nibelung's vases, preserving the clean lines of this decoring element, whilst conferring to it an unquestionable sophisticated home philosophy.

In German ''Nibelung'' is a word used to designate royal families and kings, therefore the Visionnaire's Nibelung set, has been developed with greatness in mind, using colors that reflect harmony and authority.

Designed by Alessandro La Spada and Samuele Mazza, combining the original use of precious materials, the latest fashion and the neo-gothic and oriental style, which outlines Visionnaire's traits.
Nibelung's are hand made with a fine ceramic.

Regarding the design, it's inside is white and the outside body, is enriched by the application, made with a warm paintbrush, of a diamond texture decoration.
The collection is available in amazing colors such as the sequin gold, the pure white, the elegant black or the lunar silver.
The basic circular model is sized 38 height x 35 cm, not available in the black color. 
Whereas, the model with the neck, is sized 38 height x 44 cm, for design the silver color is not applicable. 
Decorate your home according to our axiom of luxury.

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