mercoledì 26 settembre 2012

Buckingham luxury accessories

luxury-accessoriesVisionnaire's presents the most exclusive and luxury accessories collection, that will enchant each and all, during daily outlays or just occasional shopping.
Constantly keeping its famous Buckingham's vein, each component is made to fully benefit in any circumstance or to be the perfect match with any outfit.
Designed by La Conca, assorted items has being created to suit everyone's demand.
The entire collection is outlined in a vintage and genuine soft leather based on an ivory color.
As a Visionnaire's habit everything is 100% hand made by an Italian wise artisan.The exclusive Visionnaire's brand is combined with Buckingham's distinguished style, conceieving the personal design as a unequal philosophy, as a result we worked on those exclusive items: A credit and business card case, sized 10x8 cm, with the Visionnaire's logo on it. 
Two different models of wallet, the small one its sized 10x8cm and the big one 10x20cm; and a chic document holder, sized 13x24 cm.
They are characterized by comfortable inside pockets, leather pouch for holding business and credit cards, to give a touch of class on its inside a golden chain mail decoration gives a glamorous plus to those elegant accessories, as our icing on the cake you'll find the Visionnaire's logo on the front wrought on golden metal.
Enjoy our set of Buckingham rare accessories and if it delighted you take a look to our Buckingham's bags exclusive collection. A must have for the daily life.

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