venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Arper design furniture table lamp


We established a luxury collection of design furniture polarised in lamps, a rich set of fine and selected objects, which has been generated uniquely for taking care of a main aspect: the illumination for your place.
We know that the first thing to do while dealing with room design is to set the right lighting on it. The light can mutate the very immediate feeling you percive when you get in a room, changing the effect of the whole furniture, thereby is highly significant to choose the right one.
Arper is designed by the acclaimed designer Philippe Montel, known for his high standard creations of metal and crystal.
We trim every single aspect of Arper's swell light, which is perfect to enfatize and valorate the space around you.
Arper is a medium table lamp, sized 18h 47cm, the stem and the hexagonal base are made with a chromed shiny metal. The conelike lampshade is thoroughly hand made by a skilfull artisan.
The peculiarity of Arper's design is the unique use of alluminium chips on its shade, ensuing this distinguishing detail by adding three cornered shaped Swarovski's crystals that gently drops at the end of the shade.

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