giovedì 23 agosto 2012

Esmeralda pomander for luxury perfumes


Change the scent of your 'maison' with Visionnaire’s Esmeralda, the pomander designed for your luxury perfumes. 
Since the time of the Egyptians to the contemporary 'epoque', scent has always had an important role in the way people experience life. It changes the way you remember the places and people experiences, and even enhances your memory of such aspects of life.

Like the ancient Egyptians we still take great pride in how we present our scents. Now you can present any perfume you desire in an elegant and pristine casing, Visionnaire’s brand new exquisite crystal pomander.

Gets its name from the captivating emerald stone. The sacred stone of the goddess of love.

Spray your favorite scent with a classically designed, luxury, pomander. Your essence will be perfectly and glamorously preserved to improve the feel of your environment and yourself.

Perfect craftsmanship allows each sprize to be as concentrated as the first, disbursing your perfume to maximize the surface area it graces.

Designed by Alessandro La Spada, the container is made of crystal with a diamond texture, the base has a square design,with a golden color and continues with a cylindrical form that on his base has written ''home philosophy Visionnaire” in relief.
The pump sprayer ,begins with a golden circular band with the araldic Visionnaire logo, it’s dressed by shiny knitting woven and texturized for a stunning imperial look.An ascent tassel is elegantly presented at the end of the knitting giving the rich finish to a magnificent piece of luxury must haves.
We decided to make this product in two different variants of color, you can choose between the calming and refreshing turquoise or the powerful and wealthy gold.

What you waiting for changing the concept of scent? 
Feel it's power and presence. 
You will never forget the memories you are going to make.

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