venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Aspen Luxury Cushions


Probably you are tired to see the same gama of cushions and to don't find the luxury cushions that better fits your sofa.
It's very hard to find exclusive cushions that protrude from the classic mass design of pillow sham.
Visionnaire, which has always customers by heart, though in giving a new and glamorous ornamental collection for your living room.
You won't be able to have your old way of conceiving home design again. As soon as you are going to try this totally different approach to the interior design.

Aspen by Philippe Montels, the acclaimed designer that focalizes his creation in works with mail and metals, has different variants for any like.
The first of them is called “Aspen acciaio”, an italian noun for the steel. The material used for the covering is the stainless steel, carefully hand worked like mail, with a plated color. On its inside its filled with a stuffing of expanded resin. It's a small size cushion: 40x45cm.
The second model is made with a complete covering of steel sliver, for what concerns the outside design; on its inside, it is filled with expanded resin. For this style you can either choose between two colors, luxurious champagne,which is available in two different sizes: the small one 40x40 and the medium one 70x70, and classic black which is supplied only in the medium size 70x70.
luxury-cushions-detailsluxury-cushions-details2Either you want them in your city appartment, for your loft or in your montain villa, the Aspen collection looks good everywhere, with a touch of Medioeval and Contemporary design you are giving your place the new home philosophy.

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