venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Arnolfo luxury decor ceramic vase


Take care of your ‘maison’ with an exclusive luxury decor. Decor is an important aspect of self expression. How one chooses to express their style and with what pieces, reflects highly on the type of person you are. Many times it is the pieces themselves that give away the true character of a home. Whether your style is elegant and classic or new age and creative this piece of decor is sure to compliment any area in which it graces. The exclusively designed Arnolfo ceramic vase is perfect for all homes or bupscale apartments. 

Appropriately sized at 12 h 26 cm, meticulously designed by La Conca, the Arnolfo is a limited piece you will not want to overlook. Two classy colors to choose: The stunning gold and ivory or the plated and ivory moonbeam color, hand painted, casing denotes infinite wealth, style , and above all class. The ceramic has from Faenza, the home of the International Museum of Ceramics, the area is well known for producing one of the best qualities of ceramic and maiolica decoration.
This vase takes a classic shape with a rounded frame and a slim neck.  A perfect jar for a mantel but fashionable enough for a centerpiece. The slim neck and removable top make this vase a perfect container for scented fillers. Waterproofed will fireburned sealer this is vase can also house a beautiful arrangement of flower or a simple bushal of pussywillows.
For any room of the house you wish to enlighten, the Arnolfo ceramic vase is a perfect accent to any home.

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