giovedì 23 agosto 2012

Dhube italian design chaise longue

Dhube is a new concept of italian design portrayed with the new and exclusive chaise longue.

Every children grows up, but for sure once in your lifetime you wished relive the fun and the fantasy of childhood.
A time when freedom was granted and stress was reserved for who could hold their breath the longest in the swimming pool. Today Visionnaire wants a revival, for those days, and the best way to do it is to pass them on with luxury and with this playful chaise longue.
Sit back and relax with the child inside or perhaps one by your side with the bear Dhude. Laugh and love every comfortable moment spent in this lounging seat freeing yourself of the pressures of your adult life.
Dhube is comfortably sized at 195x105 h80 cm. This chaise longue will take you into a storybook world that will let you escape to the yesteryears, and encompass your inner child that has fallen asleep inside of your unconscious.
italian-design-chaise-longue-detailitalian-design-chaise-longue-frontOur acclaimed designers Alessandro La Spada and Samuele Mazza worked on the oniric world is inside of you to make it real and livable every moment you are on Dhube.
The flat base is made of a multi-layer compensate. Dhube is filled with expanded polyurethane mixed with different layers of acrylic fibre.
The covering is made of elastic ecologic fur and decorated with a touch of elegance, making it more fashionable, with a plated ornamental chain, that has a Visionnaire plaque, on the bear’s neck.
Now you have a place to remember, your “Neverland”. A place that will make you remember the child inside and who you are at heart, a place where you can still remember dreaming.
Your special moment of the day to forget about anything else and just free your mind is waiting in the arms of Dhube.

Finally you are able to leave everything and just let you go to the light-heartedness of the good life.
This is a must have for a home with children, those young at heart, or even those looking to be.
Available exclusively with Visionnaire this piece of luxury furniture is now available in three selections: creamy white for the white addicted, total black or beige, choose the color which inspires you the most.

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