lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Knut exclusive Design

exlusive design

An original piece for home furniture with its exclusive design by Alessandro La Spada and Samuele Mazza. 

The bear has always been connected to power, strength and courage.

From its other side it has also been correlated to tenderness, motherhood and benevolence.
Therefore, a symbol that takes with it duality, and for the characteristics it owns, will give to your furniture a strong and soft vibe.
Let it bring you back to your childhood: do you remember those lovely and cute peluches that you were used to hug? This time Knut will hug you with its cosy design.

Knut is a comfortable and soft pouf, sized 90x90x75 cm. Its main cover is filled with little polystyrene balls, material able to survive for thousand of years and 100% recyclable.
We designed the charming Knut in two different variants of color, so you will be up to choose between two majestic and elegant colors: traditional sweet chestnut or elegant pearl grey.

The upholstery made of elastic cloth is not removable. Without any rigid frame inside, it makes it comfortable for any position you would like to assume. If you want to lie down or just to be seated, Knut will be always adapting to your comfort.

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