lunedì 17 settembre 2012

Balthazar luxury design mirrors

luxury-designThe new collection of Visionnaire's luxury design mirrors has been especially styled in a distinctive and charming way by the designer Philippe Montels.

The origin of mirrors dates back to the ancient times, it was often present in many tales; the idea of it, started when the man saw for the first time reflections on the water. At a first contact this physical ability was considered magic. For thousand of years our ancestors continued to be mirrored in this way. Whereupon it was necessary to be able to reflect the image of the itself, and to define the exterior of our ''I''.
Today, has become an inescapable object for the personal care, the architecture and the decoration of interior design, a must in everyone's life.
Narcissus saw his image reflected in the water and fell in love with it. 
Let you amuse by Balthazar's reflection, enhance the environment of your chambers and fell in love with them.
Balthazar is available in three different diameters: the small of 40 cm, the medium of 60 cm and the large of 80 cm. You can choose either, to combine them or to set them separately, in any way they will give a look of magnificence to your rooms.
Balthazar is a convex mirror, hence provides a much wider view than the ordinary looking glasses, giving a panoramic, original and suggestive eyesight. This sort of mirrors , in style in the 16th century, are commonly denoted as 'Oeil de Sorcière', this mirror design was considered to have the ability to ward off evil from the internals and the habitants of a place.
Furthermore, for what concerns its decoration, the mirror is set in a chain mail worked, champagne pigment, aluminum band, which establishes a vintage and medioeval look.
An article no home is without, give harmony and self-consciousness to your home with Balthazar.

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